MegaWatt Consulting has worked with some of the most respected and recognized companies and organizations. Below is a partial list of MegaWatt clients, along with a brief description of services that we provided to them:


Data center site acquisition strategies, data center operations, energy efficiency and renewable energy development.


Data center site selection, strategy and negotiations of all data centers, economic development strategies, energy negotiations, renewable energy options.

Large Data Center Provider

Utility negotiations, on-site generation options, energy efficiency as well as cost control and forecasting.

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Data center energy efficiency program in partnership with the SVLG and California Energy Commission. See the last Summit agenda.

US Department of Energy

IT Energy Efficiency Roadmap development.

Jill Derby for Congress

Recommended energy policy for this excellent Congressional candidate. Learn more about Jill Derby.

Investment Research Firms

Retained expert to top investment research firm and also hired regularly by analysts, VCs and institutional and hedge fund managers investing in energy, high-tech and data center start-ups and public companies.

Other Projects

Utility capacity negotiations, maximized utility rebates, data center design, substation projects, large wind project, solar product development, electric vehicle charging system design.